Yinhua Miyanling Pian-specific medicine for urinary system disease

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Product Name: Yinhua Miyanling Pian


Category: Herbal medicine for urinary system

Detailed: Cystitis, acute pyelonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis, adnexitis, cervicitis.


Function of Yinhua Miyanling Pian: the product is made of 100% pure herbal materials with the remarkable effect on curing urinary system disease. The three main effects are

1. Clear away heat and toxic, and effective against pathogenic bacteria;

2. Remove stasis and relieve pain when passing water;

3. Diuresis

4.Improve the function of the kidney and liver, increase the compositive immunity of body.


Indications symptoms:

1, painful on the lower part

2, frequency of urinatior

3, painful when passing water

4, urine endless

5, short urine

6, lumbago, especial on the backside of the waist


Main ingredient: honeysuckle, Herba Scutellariae Barbatae, knotgrass, herba dianthi, pyrrosia lingua, armand clematis, Asiatic plantain seed, Lophatherum gracile, mistletoe, rush.


Usage: Take 4 pills for each time, 4 times daily. 3 boxes is a treatment period.


Package: 0.5g * 24 pills/box


Attention: Do not use if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding baby.


Valid: 2 years.


中文说明: 银花泌炎灵片是纯中药制剂,是国家五部委一致推荐的专治泌尿生殖系感染的重点新药。主要成分为:金银花、半枝莲、扁蓄、瞿麦、石韦、川木通、车前子、淡竹叶、桑寄生、灯心草。清热解毒,利湿通淋。用于急性肾孟肾炎、急性膀胱炎、下焦显热证,证见:发热恶寒、尿频急、尿道刺通或尿血、腰痛等。

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