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Product Name: Pien Tze Huang Pill(Simengdi)_Pian Tze Huan Pill

Chinese pronunciation´╝ÜPianzaihuang           


Information of Pien Tze Huang Pill (Simengdi):

PIEN TZE HUANG continues to hold national quality gold medal prize,
China famous trade mark,
First-class protected kind of Chinese medicines,
A protected kind of national origin mark
China Time-honored Brand


Main Ingredient: Bezoar, muskiness, Panaxnotoginseng, snake gall


Fuction of pianzihuang:Relieving internal heat and deleting toxin, cooling blood and reducing stasis, relieving swelling and stopping pain. Used for treating acute, chronic or viral hepatitis resulting from internal heat or blood stasis, ulcer and pyogenic infections, unknown galls, injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and strains as well as all kinds of inflammations.

Performance: The product is flat oval-shaped type,which a oval ring on the top. The surface is brown or taupe, with dense. Quality hard and difficult to break. Fracture surface is rough, occasionally a small amount of mycelium.

Usage: adult have 0.6 mg, 2-3 times a day, 0-8 year children have 0.15-0.3mg, 2-3 times a day; External using: grind and stir it with vinegar or a little cold water then put it on the sore(or put it aroud ulce).Keep it humid.

Side-effects: Unknown

Attention: pregnant woman avoided

Package: Aluminium and plastic composite- film, 3g×1 pieces/box

Storage: Preserve in tightly closed containers, protected from moisture.

Valid time: 5years


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