Niu Huang Jie Du Pian(Cholinex)_30 Tablets Package

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Product Name: Niu Huang Jie Du Pian(Cholinex)

Catogery: Herb medicine
Detailed: Traditional Herbal Medicine


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


Information of Niu Huang Jie Du Pian: Niu Huang Jie Du Pian (Cholinex) is a formula since Ming dynasty, for clearing heat and removing toxin. Niu Huang Jie Du Pian is a popular and well known herbal formulation that is useful in the health of the inner ear, mouth teeth, throat and salivary glands, and the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. This is an excellent formula for high fever aggravated by constipation, and is particularly useful in children’s fever, including fevers due to measles, mumps and tonsillitis.


Function: Niu Huang Jie Du Pian for getting rid of infections and inflammation, clearing heat, detoxifying fire poison, freeing the stool, opening orifices, and relieving pain.Being used in febrile diseases), painful and swollen throat, swollen gum, ear infection, boils on in mouth or nose, red hot and painful eyes, chronic leukemia.


Ingredients: Honeysuckle Flower(Jing Yin Hua), Forsythia Fruit(Lian Qiao), Cape Jasmine Fruit(Zhi Zi), Ledebouriella Root, Siler(Fang Feng), Cnidium root(Chuan Xiong), Licorice Root(Gan Cao), Inula Flower(Xuan Fu Hua), Mentha(Bo He), Rhubarb(Da Huang), Chrysanthemum Flower(Ju Hua), Ox Gallstone(Niu Huang), Gypsum(Shi Gao), Platycodon Root, Balloon Flower Root(Jie Geng), Silkworm Excrement(Can Sha), Schizonepeta(Jing Jie), Dahurian Angelica Root(Bai Zhi), Chastetree Fruit(Man Jing Zi), Sugar Coated Tablets: Sugar, Magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and FD&C Yellow 6.


Usage: Take 2 tablets in the morning and evening with warm water. Children reduce dose by half. In more sever cases, especially in toothache; take 2 tablets, 3 or 4 times a day.


Package: 30 tablets.


Side Effects: Unknown


1. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.
2. Do not use if you have loose stools or diarrhea.
3. Use only in cases with Excess Fire.
4. Avoid pungent & pinguid food


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