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Product Name: Green Viagra-Safely and Cheap


Information of Green Viagra-Safely and Cheap: Green Viagra's unique formula can enhance the blood circulation within the penis blood vessels, and manufacture natural hormones to extend penis sponge which can cause more blood pushed into the cavernous tissue while erecting. Therefore, the pressure in the cavernosa will bincreased, and the cavernosa will be enlarged accordingly, which will accommodate 30% more blood than usual. After taking this capsule, the volume of the cavernosa will increase evidently. More blood accommodated not only brings longer and fuller erection of the penis, but the penis will increase permanently in terms of its length, thickness, and hardness as well. And cavernous tissue’ capability will be stronger so that the penis sponge natural expand larger and thicker rapidly after taking to resolve the short-time sex intercourse effectively and prevent the problem of impotence, premature ejaculation and prolong sexual time.


Ingredient: ginseng, bullwhack, medlar, Pilose Antler, Herba Epimedii and etc.


Usage: Take one capsule 10-30 minutes before love-making with warm water. Taking interval is three days. Three boxes is a treatment course.


Package: 5800mg × 10 capsules


1. Take only one capsules within 24 hours;
2. Far away from the children;
3. Please drink cold water if erect many times after taking.


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