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Product name: Dian she wan_Dian she Pills -For Tongue Cancer


Category: Skin disease

Detailed: Herbal Medicine for furuncle, blain, acute mastitis


Function of Dian she wan: the formula of this product originated from the royal family in Qing Dynasty, with the high reputation because of its good function in diminishing inflammation and without side effect. Dian she wan is called Chinese medicine antibiotics in china. It not only can play the role of detoxifying, swelling and stopping pain, can apply for a variety of early sore, unknown swollen, furuncle, boils hair back, mastitis throat, acute mastitis etc, also can prevent and inhibit tumor development.



Main ingredient: saffron, bezoar, pearl, frankincense, myrrh, tambac, muscone, vermilion and etc.


Usage: Take 3 pills for one time, 1-2 times daily. To drink warm water first, then put drug on the tongue for 2-3 minutes, and take warm water or under warm rice wine. Melt the drug with vinegar

and put it on the affected part when it being external used.


Package: 24 pills/bottle


Attention: Do not use if you’re pregnant












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