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Tong Ren Tang Angong Niuhuang Wan-6 g With Security Code


Category: Herb medicine

Detailed: Traditional Herbal Medicine


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


About Angong Niuhuang wan: Angong niuhuang wan is a very precious medicine. Its formula has nearly 100 years of clinical examination work very good to treat stroke, hypertension and cancer. 

In traditional Chinese medicine therapy, Angong Niuhuang wan is the essential medicine for emergency disease as its remarkable effect to patients in high fever, delirium, hepatic coma, strokes and cancer patients. For convulsant and hepatic coma patients, it works better than any other drugs. From 1993,the major ingredients, the Rhinoceros horn, which has a strong function of detoxification is clearly prohibited by government out of the protection of wild animals, that lead to the value of Angong Niuhu wan produced before 1993 is sold at very high price. Now the  natural Rhinoceros horn is replaced by concentrated powder of Cornu Bubali, combined with calculus Bovis,which can clear heat of liver and heart to cure diseases of heart and liver. Besides these two kinds of herbs, there are Musk, Maragrite, Cinnabaris and total 11 kinds of traditional Chinese Medicine are used to cure febrile diseases, pathogenic factors affecting pericardium, convulsion due to high fever, unconsciousness and delirium, coma due to apoplexy, cerebritis, meningitis, toxic encephalopathy, cerebral hemorrhage, septicemia.


This packaging of Angong Niuhuang wan is produced by Bejjing Tongren Tang in 2014, the price had not been raised. Each of Angong Niuhuang wan with a security code. Scraping coating on the box and enter the security code into the offical website of Tongren tang to check the authenticity of the product you bought.

Ingredients: Cattle Gallstone, Chinese Goldthread Rhizome, muskiness, Baikal Skullcap Root, Gardenia Fruit, Turmeric Root, Pearl.

Function: Angong Niuhuang pill is the most famous emergency medication of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the “China formulaology” magazine records, Angong Niuhuang wan can improve the condition of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, prolong the survival time under hypoxic condition, protect blood brain barrier, to repair the damaged nervous system, has obvious protective effect on brain nerve cells, promote cortical extensive primary a activation, shorten the recovery awake time, reduce blood pressure and the water content of brain edema, cerebral hemorrhage after inhibition of inflammation, reduce the brain injury caused by cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarct volume.  Therefore Angong niuhuang pill is used for the following emergency disease;

1, Apoplexy

Angong niuhuang pill has very good therapeutic effect for stroke. It often used for hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke and clinical treatment, as well as be used to the squealed of stroke,

2, Systemic disease caused by encephalopathy,

serious lung, liver, kidney, heart and other diseases caused by late pulmonary encephalopathy, hepatic encephalopathy, renal encephalopathy, cardiac encephalopathy, and neuropsychiatric symptoms, first aid available;

3, All kinds of encephalitis

Encephalitis, viral encephalitis, encephalitis, meningitis and other in the course of treatment, patients with high fever coma, convulsions and other symptoms very period, clinical treatment available. Angong niuhuang pill can also be used for meningitis sequelae.

4, All kinds of brain injury

5, Severe acute carbon monoxide poisoning

6, In period of epileptic seizures


Usage: Remove the wax coating of pills before take the pills. Adults take 1 pill orally once a day with warm water. Children under 12 years of age consult doctor before use. Children under 6 years of age do not use. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not heat the product.


Package: 3g× 2 pills/box

Valid time: 5 years



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