Zhibai Dihuang Bolus

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Product name: Zhibai Dihuang Bolus_知柏地黄丸


Category: Traditional Herbal Medicine

Detailed: Herbal Medicine for Kidney Care


Brand: Tongren Tang


Function: Zhibai Dihuang Bolus is applied for nourishing Yin and clearing heat. Used for hot flashes night sweats, tinnitus, nocturnal emission, dry mouth Yanzao.


Nourishing Yin and clearing heat. Used for hot flashes night sweats, dry mouth and sore throat, ringing in the ears spermatorrhea.

Main Ingredient: rhizoma anemarrhenae, phellodendron, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, yam, dogwood, moutan bark, Tuckahoe, Alisma orientale.


Usage: Take one bolus with warm water, 2 times daily.


Package: 9g * 10 bolus/bottle



1.       Do not take greasy foods when taking the medicine;

2.       Do not take if you’re pregnant;

3.       Be careful take if you’re have cold or fever.




作用: 滋阴清热。用于潮热盗汗,口干咽痛,耳鸣遗精。


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  • Manufactured by: Tong Ren Tang

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