Zhang Guang 101 A-Hair Regain Tonic

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Product Name: Zhang Guang 101 A-Hair Follicole Nourishing Tonic

 -the original formula strongest for hair regrowth

Category: Hair problem
Detailed: Herbal Remedy for Alopecia


Information of Zhang Guang 101 A: Beijing ZhangGuang 101 Group Corporation is world's leading manufacturers of natural herbal hair loss and skin care products. The company's hair loss products are sold in more than 150 countries with an overall success rate >85%. The original hair loss formula "ZhangGuang 101® " were first launched in 1978 and received 8 international awards. The great success of the original hair loss formula leads to the continuously improved hair loss products of Zhang-Guang 101 A®, Zhang-Guang 101 B®, Zhang-Guang 101 D®, Zhang-Guang 101 F®, Zhang-Guang 101 G®, Zhang-Guang 101 Shampoo®, Zhang-Guang 101 E Acne Getaway®, from more than 40 countries/regions have regrew their hair with the help ZhangGuang 101 series.

Zhang Guang 101 is the original formula strongest for hair regrowth. Foundation for 101 series success. It has the Chinese Nation Medical Cosmetics Permission No:1989-01-QG-01-0002.


Ingredients: Rhizoma Seu Radix Notoptenygii, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Cortex Dictamni, Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Radix Ledebouriellae, Rhizoma Deynariae, Capsicum Annuum, Ethyl Alcohol, Water.


Usage: External application only Twice a day, Wash you hair and apply the tonic after the scalp is dry again using 2-10ml (decided by larges of scalp area), then massage the part for 2-3 minutes. The cure is more effective if you warm the part with a hair-dryer for about a minute, and left on for several hours.
To stablize the curing effect, it should be used 1-2 times daily with decreased quantity for 1-3 months.


Package: 120ml 


The chart for brief function of Zhangguang 101 products for your reference


Product/Function Antidandruff Relieving Itching Stoppoing Hair-loss Improving Hair Quality Hair Regrowth
Zhang Guang 101-Hair Follicole Nourishing Tonic - - ★★★★
Zhang Guang 101B-Hair shedding Proof Tonic ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ -
Zhang Guang 101D-Hair Regrowth Tonic ★★★ ★★
Zhang-Guang 101-Hair Regrowth Formula - - - ★★★
Zhang-Guang 101F-Hair Nourishing & Regrowth Tonic - - ★★★ ★★
Zhang-Guang 101G-Hair Tonic - ★★


How to verify the product is ture?

The zhangguang 101 series products that selling on our store each with a security code. Scraping coating on the box and enter the security codeinto the offical website of Zhangguang 101 to check the authenticity of the product you bought.


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