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Product Name: Yunnan Baoyao Tincture
Catogery: External Applications
Functional catogery of External Applications: Herbal medicine for wound


Information of Yunnan Baoyao Tincture: Yunnan Baoyao is a hemostatic powdered medicine famous for being carried by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War. The medicine, developed by Qu Huangzhang in 1902, is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it 20 years protection. In China, its reputation is equal to that of penicillin in the U.S. The inventor was a Chinese man from Jiangchuan County in Yunnan Province, and had set out to explore the entire region and taste its hundreds of herbs. In 1902 he formulated "Qu Huanzhang Panacea" which became Yunnan Baiyao ("White medicine from Yunnan"). In the massive Taierzhuang Battle of 1938 (between Chinese and Japanese forces), Mr. Qu Huanzhang donated more than 30,000 bottles of Yunnan Baiyao to the army, thereby saving the lives of many soldiers.Now it's formulation has been protected by china.


Function: Activates blood circulation, disperses blood stasis, reduces swelling, and stops pain. It can treat traumatic injuries, rheumatic paralysis, pains in bones, muscle aches, cold injury, chilblain, mosquito and insect bites.



Usage: Oral take 3-5 ml every time, 3 times a day, 10ml at most; external using: take some put on the affected part, massage it to absorb bu skin, 3-5 times a day.



Package: 50ml/bottle



1. Do not  use on  wound,
2. Please stop using if skin allergy,
3. Do not use it if you are pregnant.
4. Children, elderly patients should be under the guidance of physicians.
5. Keep out of reach of children.
6. Do not eat fish, horsebean, cold & sour food when take the medicine,
7. Please be careful if you have allergy to alcohol.


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