Xin Huang Pian

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Product name: Xin Huang Pian


Category: Chinese herbal medicine

Detailed: Diminish inflammation


About Xin Huang Pian: This product has been formulated using specific herbs to support numerous healthy bodily functions. It is recognized throughout Southeast Asia as an herbal formula that promotes healthy joint function. For thousands of years the Chinese have used traditional herbal formulas to maintain healthy functions of the body. Diminishing inflammation and relieving pain, clearing heat and resolving toxin, dissipating stasis and dispersing swelling. Use for rheumatoid arthritis, acute jaundice hepatitis, cholecystitis, faucitis, gum inflammation, pelvis cavity inflammation, gall caused by traumatism.


Ingredients: notoginseng, bezoar, pearl layer powder, cornu bubali powder and etc.


Usage: Oral take with warm water, 2-4 tablets for each time, 3 times a day. Also for external application, dissolve one or more pills in a little water  and apply it to the inflammation several times daily till the swelling is eliminated.


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