Xiao Ke Pills-Xiao Ke Wan-10 Boxes

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Product name: Xiao Ke Pills_Xiao Ke Wan_消渴丸


Category: Herbal medicine

Detailed: Herbal medicine for Diabetes



Ingredients: root of kudzuvine, Kadsura peltigera, yam, radix astragali, rehmanniae, trichosanthes root, glibenclamide(each 10g contain 2.5mg)



Function of  Xiao Ke Pills: Diabetes is commonly referred to as Xiaoke symptom in china. This product is applied for nourishes kidney-yin, benefits qi, promotes generation of body fluid to cure or ease diabetes mellitus due to deficiency of qi and yin manifested as thirst, polydipsia, polyorexia, weight loss, tiredness, poor sleeping, and fatigue.



Usage: Oral take after the meal, each time take 1.25g-2.5g(5-10 pills) or take 2.5g(10 pills) each time according to your situation, 2 times daily.



Package: 120 pills (30 g) * 10 bottles



Valid: 36 months



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