Wu Ji Gao

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Product name: Wu Ji Gao_无极膏


Category: Herbal skin care medicine

Detailed: Herbal Anti-anaphylaxis Medicine


Chinese Name: Wu Ji Gao


Function of Wu Ji Gao: This product has the role of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipruritic, antimicrobial, and local anesthetic. For the insect bite dermatitis, papular urticaria, eczema, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, skin itching.


Usage: Washing the infected skin first, then coat the itch on the afflicted part, 2-3 times daily.




中文说明: 本品具有消炎、镇痛、止痒、抗菌、局部麻醉等作用。用于虫咬皮炎、丘疹性荨麻疹、湿疹、接触性皮炎、 神经性皮炎、皮肤瘙痒等。


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