U Med Slimming Rub Gel_Anti Belly Fat

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Product name: U-Med Slimming Rub Gel Medical Formula Weight Reducing and Tummy Shrinking Cream


Brand : U Med_made in Thailand



About product: Slimming Rub Gel Weight Reducing Cream  is the original topical cream strong enough to minimize the appearance of cellulite in the abdominal area. An exclusive herbal slimming complex of Safflower, Sea Kelp and others herb materials help your body naturally metabolize cellulite, plus the slimming effect helps fade away stretchmarks and body lines. Noticeable results begin in a few short weeks. Slimming Rub Gel Weight Reducing Cream is a dramatic breakthrough in fat reduction appearance of the stomach and waist.  


Slimming Rub Gel Weight Reducing Cream  for men and women is formulated for fat reduction appearance and firming of your waistline with results seen as early as 2 to 4 weeks. Say good-bye to love handles and that spare tire! Contains new medical breakthrough ingredients that simulates what your body does naturally when breaking down the fat cell chain. Recent clincial tests have shown dramatic streamlining of the abdominal area. Slimming Rub Gel When Weight Reducing Cream  is used in conjunction with thigh cream, you'll see an over-all body contouring effect and experince the fabulous body you deserve. 


Body deformation and belly fat because of pregnance and have babies, wantto reduce actually also cannot reduce down,  really is common problems. Plase try use the slimming rub gel a period, you will see reduceing 3-5 cm centimetres round your waistline.To get better effect,  it is recomme use together with the same brand Slimming Herb_Germany Slimming Herb



Usage: After shower dry body throughly apply and gently slimming rub gel to the part to be reduced until dry. Applying the slimming rub gel on the abdomen while watching TV, and then massage for 15 minutes.


Package:111g(120ml)-5 weeks supply




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