Tortoise Shell and Deer Antler Pill-Herb for Erectile Dysfunction

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Tortoise Shell and Deer Antler Pill-龟鹿二胶丸


Category: Traditional Herbal Medicine
Detailed: Herbal Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction
Brand:Jing Xiu Tang

Ingredients: glue of tortoise plastron,Colla Cornus Cervi,Morinda officinalis,teasel root,prepared rehmannia root, medlar,cornus,Gorgon fruit,root-bark of peony and etc.


Common use: Tortoise Shell and Deer Antler Pill, Chinese name Guilu erjiao wan is made up of more than ten flavors of herbs. It have worked for hundreds of year in curing male erectile dysfunction. It can warm up the kidney yang,tonifying the kidney as well increasing kidney function. It is apply for curing the impotence and premature ejaculation,soreness and weakness of waist and knees,lumbago and limp, muscles weakness,dizziness and tinnitus and limb chills etc.

Specification: 36 g/bottle

Usage: Take 6 g with water for each, 2 times a day.



成分:红参、熟地黄、巴戟天、陈皮、菟丝子(炒)、白术(炒)山药、黄芪(制)、茯苓、牛膝、肉苁蓉(制)、肉桂、 当归、枸杞子、鹿茸、小茴香(盐制)、白芍(酒炒)、甘草(制)。辅料为蜂蜜。


用法用量: 口服,一次6g, 一日2 次。

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