Tong Ren Tang Da Huo Luo Wan

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Da Huo Luo Wan


Chinese Herbal Formula

Stroke and rheumatism relief


Brand: Bijing Tong Ren Tang


Ingredients: Snake-tiger, Snake-black, bezoar, Gastrodia elata, Rheum palmatum, muskiness, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, rhizoma arisaematis, cornu bubali powder and etc 50 flavors of herbal medicine.


Indications: Dahuoluo Dan has been used in dispelling the pathogenic wind and dampness, relaxing tendons while improving energy flow in meridians and collaterals. As being one of the most precious and effective prescription for rheumatism, it does not only relief symptoms but also resolve the cause of the disease. It can promote blood circulation, relief physical pain as well as inner moistness and heat. Suitable for the people has such symptoms of physical pain, dead limb, stroke paralysis, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, alalia and etc.


Direction: Oral take, 1-2 boluses with warm water or yellow wine. 2 times daily.



1. Not suitable for pregnant women.

2. Product contains sugar from honey and lactose

3. Take away from the child.


Package: 3.6g*10 boluses/box


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