Cold Remedy Granular

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Product name: Tong Ren Tang Cold Remedy Granular


Category: Herbal remedy for cold curing

Detailed: For common cold

Chinese name: Tong ren tang gan mao qing ke li


Brand: Tong ren tang


Ingredients: Spica Schizonepetae, peppermint, hurricane lamp, Chinese thorowax, perilla leaf, radix puerariae, balloon flower, bitter almond, angelica dahurica, corydlis bungeana, reed root.


Function of Tong Ren Tang Cold Remedy Granular: Expel wind and cold, relieving heat. It is applied cure for headache, fever, body aches, fear of chills, sont, cough, dry throat caused by cold.


Package: 6g* 10 bags/box


Usage: Take one bag each time with boiling water, 2 times daily.


Valid: 36 months


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