Stomach-Warming & Comforting Granule

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Stomach-Warming & Comforting Granule

Chinese herbal medicine

Gastritis Cure


Ingredients: Codonopsis root, lateral root of aconite, astragalus root, cinnamon bark, dioscorea, cistanche stem, ovate atractylodes rhizome, hawthorn, mume, tangerine peel, psoralea, etc.


Indications: Warming stomach and alleviating pains. It is used to treat chronic gastritis, cold pains in the stomach and abdomen, too much intake of cold foods or cold attack to the abdomen.


Package: 10g *6 packets/box


Direction: Take it orally, 1-2 packets each time, 2 times daily.


Standard Code: Z34020733



1. Do not use if you’re pregnant women;

2.Do not use if your stomach bleeding.


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