Shenhua Xiaoke Tea-For Type-2 Diabetes-3 Months Dosage

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Product name: Shenhua Xiaoke Tea


Category: Herbal tea

Detailed: Type-2 Diabetes


About Shenhua Xiaoke Tea: Support Yin and nourishes Kidney, thus supporting Qi and generating fluid, applicable to diabetes type symptoms, such as deficiency of  both Qi and Yin as well as renal Qi; improving many symptoms, including feeling excessively thirsty and hungry through drinking and eating enough and lassitude and acratia, aching and lassitude in waist and knees, dysphoric fever, insomnia, etc.


Ingredients: ginseng, Pueraria lobata, rhizoma anemarrhenae, Astragalus root, dodder and etc.


Usage: Mixing in boiled water for oral taking, 1 bag for each time,  1-3 times daily.


Package: 3g * 60 bags* 3 boxes


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