Sealwort Sperm Increasing Capsule

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Product name: Sealwort Sperm Increasing Capsule


Category: Herbal medicine for male infertility

Detailed: For oligospermatism or sperm problem


Main ingredien: polygoni multiflori, sealwort, medlar, dodder, schisandra, prepared rehmannia, cistanche salsa, Icariin, Codonopsis silvestris Komar, Salvia, Dandelion and total 20 kinds of chinese herbal medine.


Function: It is applied to cure male infertility caused by kidney-deficiency & kidney damp-heat asthenospermia, oligospermatism. Typical symptom are ache and weak at waist and knee, damp scrotum, thin sperm and inactive sperm.


Usage: Oral take, 4 pills each time, 3 times daily.3 months as a treatment period


Package: 0.31g * 36 pills/bottle



1. Occasional has discomfort of the stomach, diarrhea, eroticism.

2. 3 months as a treatment period.

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