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Product Name: Ren shen zai zao wan(Ginseng Restorative Bolus)


Category: Herbal medicine

Detailed: For blood circulation & vein relaxing


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


About Ren shen zai zao wan(Ginseng Restorative Bolus): Ginseng Restorative Bolus has been formulated to dispel the wind, invigorate the body and help maintain a healthy circulatory system. According to Taoist philosophy problems usually arose when the body's natural defenses failed to adjust to exposure to one or more of the harmful energies. Therefore, the great risk occurs during the change of seasons, during a spell of unseasonable weather, or during exposure to artificial environments that conflict with the prevailing seasonal conditions. The Chinese believe in harmful energies that influence the human system. Traditionally these energies are associated with the seasons: wind/spring, heat/summer, dampness/late summer, dryness/autumn and cold/winter.


In accordance with these beliefs Chinese herbalists developed formulas to counteract these energies.


Ingredients: Ginseng, patchouli, figwort, Fo-ti (dried root tuber), Asian ginseng (root), Tienchi ginseng (root) powder, etc 56 kinds of herbal medicine.


Function: Dispels internal wind and wind-damp, breaks up blood stagnation, clears the channels, invigorates blood and qi, and dissolves phlegm. Renshen Zaizao Wan Indications include stroke symptoms, such as hemiplegia, spastic paralysis, facial distortion, dysphasia (difficulty speaking), and difficulty in moving limbs.


Usage: Remove the wax coating of pills before take the pills. Four boluses each time, two times a day with yellow wine or warm water.


Package: 3g * 10 boluses / box


Valid: 36 months


Note: Do take if you’re pregnant


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