Renshen Jian Pi Wan-Ginseng Spleen Care Bolus

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Product Name: Renshen Jian Pi Wan-Ginseng Spleen Care Bolus


Category: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Detailed: Herbal Medicine for Spleen Care


Brand: Tong Ren Tang



Ingredients: ginseng, Atractylodes macrocephaia, Tuckahoe, yam, Amomum villosum,dried orange peel, elecampane, milk veteh, angelica, wild jujube, and etc.



Function of Renshen Jian Pi Wan-Ginseng Spleen Care Bolus: Helps promote spleen healthy, eliminate the bloating discomfort feeling and maintain body's digestive system. Tonifies spleen and stomach, regulates qi, resolves stomach phlegm, promotes digestion. Use for chronically poor digestion with abdominal bloating and pain, erratic or pasty stools. Also useful for inability to gain or maintain weight.



Usage: Oral take one pill for each time, 2 times daily.



Package: 6g * 10 pills/box




1.       Do not take any medicine for cold when you taking this medicine;

2.       Don not eat radish and have tea when you taking this medicine;

3.       Put away from the child.



Valid: 36 months



Standard Code: Z11020106





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