Point Massage Slipper


Product Name: Point Massage Slipper


Catogery: Traditional Chinese Medicine Tool

Detailed: household self-health care tool


About Point Massage Slipper: The point massage slippers are made of wood, the key point part is made of jade, which is comfortable and can help you massage foot reflexology every day.


According to Chinese traditional medicine theory, body aging starts with the aging of feet. It is easy to judge a person healthy or not by just a glance at his walking steps: If he walks slowly or unsteadily, he must be weak or sick! If he walks fast and steadily, you can not help saying:" Oh, this guy is so energic and strong!" So when people want to keep strong and healthy, he should first keep his feet strong and healthy. On the baseboard of the feet, there are 68 acupuncture points which is in charge of the functions of different body organs. If people seldom move, the acupuncture points will age, so do the other body organs, then the whole body do! The massage slippers are developed based on this theory. It has wooden sole. The massage parts-136 wooden nails with round top fixed on the sole. It can massage every acupuncture points of the baseboard, thus strengthens the functions of the body organs and improve immunity, accelerat blood circulation. Special design, with different acupuncture points and different elasticity to fit peoples feets acupuncture points. It is very nice health care appliances. When you wear the slippers, you can do massage at the same time and keep healthy. Doing massage is so easy!



1. Health care appliance.

2. Made of wood, completely environmentally friendly.

3. Also an pair of fashionable slipper.

4. Enjoying life and do massage at the same time.


Point Massage Slippers





Size: 38/40/42/44





Foot acupuncture points map:


Foot Acupuncture Points

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