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Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD is developed from Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory. It was chosen as a Value Contrast, Keep Promise.
At present, this company has many product series as follows:
    1.Pien Tze Huang series, including Pien Tze Huang and Pien Tze Huang Capsule, Pien Tze Huang Unguentum Compositum, Pien Tze Huang Hemorrhoids Ointment Compositum, Compound Pien Tze Huang Buccal Tablet;
    2.Cough and cold relieving product series, including Qing Re Zhi Ke Granule(patented medicine), Chuan Bei Qing Fei Syrup, Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui and Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Capsule, Jin Mu Gan Mao Tablet (patented medicine), Xiao Chai Hu Granular, Ban Lan Gen Granular, Xiao Er Zhi Ke Syrup;
    3.Pills product series, including Liu Wei Di Huang Pills, Qi Ju Di Huang Pills, Zhi Bai Di Huang Pills , Xiang Sha Liu Jun Pills ,Xiao Yao Pills;
    4.liver protect product series, including Yin Dan Ping Gan Capsule(patented medicine), Hu Gan Tablet;
    5.Woman and children series, Zen Ru Gao(patented medicine) ,Xiao Er Zhi Ke Syrup, Xiao Yao Pills;
    6.cardiovascular disease product series, including Xin Shu Bao Tablet, Dan Shen Tablet Compound;
    7.Others such as, Shao Lin Bone Setting Essence, Niu Huang Jie Du Tablet, , Royal Jelly Capsule, Jin Tang Ning Capsule (a new patented medicine ) ;
    8.Otherwise there are some products only for export,Long Jiang Brand Effective Pien Tze Huang Acne Cream,Chang Chow Pien Tze Huang Gan Bao,Pien Tze Huang Huo Luo Balm,Pien Tze Huang Agkistrodon Acutus Itch-Relieving Tablet,Long Jiang Brand Pien Tze Huang Moisyen Throat Tablet,Xiao Yan Capsules,Chinese Lozenges,Pien Tze Huang Feng Shi Dieda Jing and so on.


Main Product of Pien Tze Huang


Pien Tze Huang Capsule

Pien Tze Huang _pien tze hwang Pill

Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream

Pien Tze Huang Moisture Aloe Facial Wash



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