Pian Tze Huang Pearl Cream-Clearing Ance & Freckle Cream

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Product Name: Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream (Simengdi Pearl Cream)


Category: Herb medicine

Detailed: Herbal Beauty Product


Chinese name:Pian Zi Huang zhen zhu gao


Information of  Pianzihuang Pear Cream(Simengdi Simengdi Pearl Cream): Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream is an herbal formulation that has been known as a skin-protecting and looks-improving cosmetic. It prepared from two super materials: choice pearls from South Fujian, and the world famous Pien Tze Huang which is made in Zhangzhou according to the royal recipe in Ming Dynasty. So the unique active ingredients of moisture and nutrient can promote skin metabolism, increase the cell activity and elasticity.

The unique active ingredients of moisture and nutrient can promote skin metabolism, increase the cell activity and elasticity, hydate and smooth the skin in deep layer. It is especially effective to help skin recovered from the scar left by skin injuries, such as by skin damage, or fire, or cold. It is recommended for regular use because the life cycle of the skin cells are 3-4 months, the effect of the product will only be seen after the new skin cell vitality improved.



Glycerine: 15%
Fatty Alcohol: 8%
White oil: 7%
Pearl Powder: 5%
Pien tzehuang:3%


Function: Pianzihuang is effective for diminishing inflammation and detoxi-fying your skin. Frequent use can cure adolescent pocks, remove freckles, and make your skin feel tender, healthy, and whiter.


Indications: Minimizes dark or age spots, moisturizes the skin, increases the activity of epidermal cells, promotes skin cells metabolism, reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, prevents the coarsening and sagging of skin, makes skin tender and smooth.


Usage: Use as normal moisturizor. Apply the desired amount of the cream to face or neck, twice a day after your cleansing.


Directions: To be used externally. Apply a thin layer onto the face, avoiding the eyes, 1-2 times daily. Most beneficial for use before bedtime to ensure maximum absorption into skin.


Package: 20g/bottle

Valid time: 2 years

  • Shipping Weight: 105g
  • 30 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Pien Tze Huang

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