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Talking about "Old Chinese Doctor" brand, should be traced back to more than 400 years ago, Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. The founder of "Old Chinese Doctor" herbal tea, "Kung Fu Shen" (AD 1513 ~ 1598).
Kung Fu Shen was born from a old chinese doctor family, he had been a doctor in Chaozhou-Shantou area for many years. Kung Fu Shen had has unique  means and abundant experience in incurable diseases treating. In order to pick fine-election herb, he had go to remote mountain and wilderness.One day, Kung Fu Shen went to Qizhou of Hubei to pick herbs and visit friends, he hads happened to meet the modern famous doctor Li Shi Zhen, who was editting and writting "An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs" at that time.They had felt like old friends at the first meeting and then had took the search a large number of private prescription information, observe the collection of drug samples. Li's on the  a part of the preparation of herbal medicine in the shape of efficacy with the blessing of deep public exchange of views and the exchange of private prescription to explore the healing experience, promote the rule of illness experience.
In modern times, the later generation of Kung Fu Shen uphold the ancestor's instruction of saving lives,and they take secret recipe combined with morden technology using dozens of kinds of Medicinal and Edible Plants brewed into a herbal tea, Qushi tea, cool under fire and Wang Tea Granules, modulation into a health soup, health meal, health tea, and other health foods, and in traditional industries integrate into modern management concepts and to create a direct sales model, representation of traditional Chinese medicine industry and the essence of culture, a thorough modernization of the effectiveness of activation secret, so that Kung Fu Shen public "Old Chinese Doctor" brand carried forward for the benefit of the people.


The Old Chinese Doctor Herbal Tea Including:


Beauty Tea- chloasma clearing

Acne Clearing Tea

Keep-fit Beverage(Enhanced effect)

Ginger Menorrhagia Treatment Tea_老中医姜茶

Chrysanthemum Health Care Tea


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