Mo Luo Elixir-Mo Luo Dan

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Mo Luo Elixir-Mo Luo Dan


Chinese herbal medicine

Stomach Disease


Ingredients: lily, ophiopogon root, dendrobe, Tuckahoe, notoginseng, artemisiae, chicken's gizzard, etc, 18 favors of hers.


Indications: Pacifying stomach, lowering adverse qi, fortifying spleen, reduces distention, opening network-channels and checking pains. It can be used for chronic atrophic gastritis, stomachache, abdominal distention, poor appetite, anorexia, eructation and pyrosis. It can effective increase gastric motility, repair gastric mucosa, inhibition of gastric canceration.


Package: 90g/bottle, each 55 pills weight 9g.


Direction: Take it orally with rice soup or warm water before meals, 55-110 pills each time, 3 times daily.

Standard Code: Z13021325


1. Do not use spicy food or cool food during the period of taking the medicine;

2. Take care of l if you’re pregnant women;

3. Take away from the children.


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