MG Twins Foliage Oriental Whitening Mask

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MG Twins Foliage Oriental Whitening Mask


Guarantee 100% authentic & brand-new MG mask, you can ask for a refund if the goods are knockoffs or imitations.



The Brand new MG facial mask let you experience the fragrance and softness of natural ingredients in nature. Apply facial mask soothes the pore, and relaxes your skin. The rejuvenating essence energizes skin cells, nourishes living tissues. Valuable repairing molecules work at the deepest cell level to tighten skin cells, restoring collagen and tissue elasticity for supplier, smoother, and more lustrous skin.


MG facial masks series like Forever Silky, Chinese Herbal Skincare and Spring to satisfy different skins on different age grades.


Category: Chinese Herbal Skincare


Brand: MG


Ingredient: peach blossom, white pond lily.


About product: The brand new Twins Foliage Oriental Whitening Mask is made of peach blossom, white pond lily, both of them has the function of moisturizing and whitening skin.


How to use?


1. Cleaning the face deeply;


2. Taking the facial mask on your face and for 15 minutes;


3. Washing the face with water.


Valid time: 3 years


Net weight: 25 g


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