MG Facial Mask Mix Package-For Dry Seasons Use

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MG Facial Mask Mix Package–For Dry Seasons Use

Guarantee 100% authentic & brand-new MG mask, you can ask for a refund if the goods are knockoffs or imitations.


The Brand new MG facial mask let you experience the fragrance and softness of natural ingredients in nature. Apply facial mask soothes the pore, and relaxes your skin. The rejuvenating essence energizes skin cells, nourishes living tissues. Valuable repairing molecules work at the deepest cell level to tighten skin cells, restoring collagen and tissue elasticity for supplier, smoother, and more lustrous skin. MG facial masks series includes Forever Silky, Chinese Herbal Skincare and Spring to satisfy different skins on different age grades.


As we know, some skin problems in the dry seasons like dry, flaky, itchy, dull,enlarged sore, lost elasticity due to the dryness and low temperature  make the skin water lose and become vulnerable & sensitive. We select five types MG faical mask to solve these problems. It includes water replenishing & hydrating mask to reduce water loss and supplementing moisture to skin; anti-allergy mask to condition frail skin and relive allergy or uncomfortable feels caused by season changing; mask with Vitamin-C to increase skin elasticity and reduce epidermal pigmentation and red wine mask to make skin bright and exquisitein the dry seasons.



This package absolutely worth its price, it include 25 pcs for 2-months uses(3-4 pcs each week).


MG Mix Mask includes:

5 pcs Aloe Water Bank Hydrating Mask

5 pcs Chamomile Anti-Allergy Repairing Mask

5 pcs Hyaluronic Acid Extremely Moisturizing Mask

5 pcs L Vitamin-C Whitening Mask

5 pcs Red Wine Complex Brightening Mask


Package: 25 pcs/box


Valid time: 3 years


Net weight: 25 g/pcs


How to use?

1. Cleaning the face deeply;

2. Taking the facial mask on your face and for at least 15 minutes;

3. Washing the face with water.


Tips: For first time use should continuous use 3 days, each piece for a day; in hot weather use, the mask can be used after taken in the refrigerator, using the hot towel apply on surface for 10 minutes after bath to let the skin absorb the nutrition better.


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