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Luwang Shenrong Wan_鹿王参茸丸_Shen Rong Wan

Category: Traditional Herbal Medicine
Detailed: Herbal Medicine for Kidney Care

Brand:Liaoning Jindan

Ingredients: red ginseng,prepared rhizome of rehmannia,dried orange peel,dodder,yam,Astragalus root,Pilose Antler and totally 19 kinds of herbs.


Function:The product has the function of nourishing Yin and tonifying the Kidney as well increasing kidney function. It is apply for curing the impotence and seminal emission, tired spirit, waist-leg weakness caused by deficiency of the kidney.

Package: 10g * 10 boluses * 10 boxes

Usage: Oral take, 1 bolus each time, 2 times daily.



成分:红参、熟地黄、巴戟天、陈皮、菟丝子(炒)、白术(炒)山药、黄芪(制)、茯苓、牛膝、肉苁蓉(制)、肉桂、 当归、枸杞子、鹿茸、小茴香(盐制)、白芍(酒炒)、甘草(制)。辅料为蜂蜜。


用法用量: 口服,一次1丸,一日2次。

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