Lung Tumour Clearing Pills

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Product name: Lung Tumour Clearing Pills

Chinese name: Qingfei Sanjie Wan

Category: Chinese medicine

Detailed: Pure Herbal Medicine for Lung Tumour, lung cancer treatment

Ingredient: Ganodorma lucidum, colla corii asini, pearl, Cordyceps sinensis, pseudo-ginseng, Rhizoma Pinellinae Praeparata, Gynostemma and other total 11 kinds of Chinese herbal medicne.

Indications:The lung tumor clearing pill cure lung cancer clinically for expelling toxin and removing tumour. It with the function of inhibition of metastasis and proliferation of cancer cells, thereby to stunt the growth of tumors, and can improve the immune function, reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy on the human body. The medicine is applied wide for lung cancer, among them, works 77.3% for adenocarcinoma, 87.3% for SqCa, 43.8% for small cell cancer. 10 boxes is a suggested treatment period;


1, to ease the cough, sputum, pain, pleural effusion, shortness of breath and other symptoms were caused by lung cancer;

2, to inhibit the growth and metastasis of tumor cells;

3, to strengthen the body and stimulate the body's cellular immunity and humoral immune function;

4, protect the hematopoietic system, reduce the toxic effect of chemotherapy to health.

It has been clinically proved that the lung tumor clearing pill works 77.3% for adenocarcinoma, 87.3% for SqCa, 43.8% for small cell carcinoma

Package: 3g/bottle * 12 bottles

Usage: Oral takes one bottle(3g) for each time, 2 times daily.

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