Lotus-leaf Citrus Tea-180 bags

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About the product: This product is made of lotus leaf, hawthorn berry, citrus, coix Seed, green tea as main materials. In which, the materials is processed with high temperature and high pressure to form small granular, which will help to fully dissolve in body and absorbed by body. Use boiling water for 10 minutes more to ensure maximum release the active ingredient of tea. The product absolutely no additives, is 100% plant slimming drink. This slimming tea ensures the drinker non-diminished nutrition and water, safe to eat. Just pay attention to eating bland vegetables while strengthening exercise, without any special diet, maintaining weight loss is still good effect.


Ingredient & benefit: lotus leaf, hawthorn berry, citrus, coix Seed, green tea.


Lotus-leaf: Based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, lotus leaf is slightly bitter, and mild, and is attributed to the Liver and Spleen meridians. The main functions of lotus leaf are to stop bleeding and invigorate the blood. “Using lotus leaf to lose weight can make people thin.” Lotus leaf is known as the good medicine of weight reduction from ancient times to present in China. Because the lotus root and leaf have great effect on diuresis and defaecation.


Hawthorn berry: Used to promote the health of the circulatory system, treat angina, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia and has been found to strengthen the heart.


Citrus: It has the effect of strong the spleen and regulating Qi & blood, reducing phlegm, repelling the unwanted water of your spleen.


Coix Seed: Coix seed can strong spleen and expel unwanted water. And it also has the function of reducing dark spots, whitening the skin. Drinking coix seed can help rid the waste of body and promote metabolism.


Green tea: Green tea has a lot of benefits to human body. It has the effect of anti-aging, anti-cancer, clearing bad breath, improving the effectiveness of indigestion. The fragrance and taste of green tea can effectively cover the strong herbal taste, let tea taste better.

Usage: 2-3 bags for each time with 350ml boiling water. And let tea stay for at least 10 minutes then drink. It can be repeated make. The best time is half an hour before lunch or dinner, which eating the most amount and in the evening before going to sleep again.


Package: 180 bags/box


Attention: Please drink Lotus-leaf Cassia Seed Tea if your body tends to heat, having constipation; on the contrary, if you body tends to cold, please choose Lotus-leaf Citrus Tea for drinking.


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