Kunbao Wan

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Chinese name: Kunbao Wan_坤宝丸


Category: Woman's problem

Detailed: Menopause Problems


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


Function: Kunbao Wan is used for regulating the menstrual periods problem before menopause and eliminating menopause symptoms such as: night sweats, hot flashes, excessive sweating, mood swings, trouble sleeping through the night, Aching, sore joints, muscles and tendons, Dizziness, light-headedness.


Main Ingredient: fruit of glossy privet, yerbadetajo, Paeonia Lactiflora, rehmanniae, tortoise shell, dodder, angelica and etc.


Usage: Take 50 pills with lukewarm water, 2 times daily. 2 month is recommended as a treating period or otherwise take as doctors suggest.  As preventive medication,take orally before sleeping. Take 50 pills each time, 1 times daily.


Package: 50 pills * 10 bags/box



1.       Do not take hot and spicy food,

2.       Take away from the child.

3.    Not suitable for flu patient.

4.    If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.


中文说明: 用于妇女绝经前后肝肾阴虚引起的月经紊乱,潮热多汗,失眠健忘,心烦易怒,头晕耳鸣,咽干口渴,四肢酸楚,关节疼痛.




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