Ke Yin Wan

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Product name: Ke Yin Wan_克银丸


Category: Herbal medicine for Skin Problem

Detailed: Psoriasis Curing


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


Ingredient: Smilax glabra rhizome, Dictamnus desycarpus root skin, Polygonum bistorta rhizome, Rhizoma Menispermi, Isatis tinctoria leaf.


Function of Ke Yin Wan: Assists to relieve stubborn, chronic, itchy skin problems caused by blood-heat and wind dryness. Keyin Wan is used to treat symptoms of red tongue root, constipation, yellow urine psoriasis on the skin.


Usage: Oral take, 1 bag for each day, 2 times daily.


Package: 10g * 4 bags * 3 boxes



1.       Do not eat any spicy food;

2.       Be cautious for the pregnant and nursing women.


Standard Code: Z11020013



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  • Manufactured by: Tong Ren Tang

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