Jin Meng Weight Loss Capsule-Constipation No.2

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Jin Meng Weight Loss Capsule- Special No.2-regulating appetite 



About product: Jing Meng weifht loss capsule has the natural herbal formulas combined with international advanced formulations acts on weight loss on two parts, that one step is to eliminating extra fat of body and discharge them, the other hand, blocking of sugar, starch and oil absorption to suppress appetite.This collaboration completely slimm body and let fat no place to escape.



Ingredients: aloes, gen-seng, radix scrophulariae, kuh-seng, Mangnolia officinalis, medlar and etc.



Function: Inhibits the body's secretion of male hormone excess, smooth blood circulation, as well as effectively removel fat and toxin of intestinal tract, relieve all types of constipation and bath blood.



Usage: Take 2-3 capsules each time after meals, 3 times daily.

Pacakge: 72 pills/box



Valid: 2 years



1. Stop taking when the menstrualperiod;
2. If you have reduced the weight, continue to take Jin meng Special No. 2 to keep fit;
3. Avoid having fat, starchy, sweet food, please have moe water.

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