Jaundice-clearing Capsule

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Product name: Jaundice-clearing Capsule


Chinese name:Huangdan Yinchen Keli


For acute & chronic liver disease


Main ingredients: Artemisia capillaris, Scutellaria baicalensis, rhubarb (Radix Glycyrrhizae), licorice.


Indications: Clearing away heat and dampness and removing jaundice. It is used to treat acute and chronic liver disease and to remove symptoms.


Direction: Take it orally, 2 capsules a time, 3 times a day .


Package: 20g * 6 packs/box


Standard Code: Z19983016 




主要成分: 茵陈、黄芩、大黄(制)、甘草。


主要功效: 清热利湿,退黄疸。用于治疗急、慢性黄疸型传染性肝炎。


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