Itch Relief & skin care capsules

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Product name: Itch Relief & skin care capsules_润燥止痒胶囊


Catogery: Skin care

Detailed: Herbal Medicine for itch relief


Function of Itch Relief & skin care capsules: Nourishing Yin, expelling wind itching, laxative. Used for blood deficiency caused by the wind dry itchy skin, acne, constipation.


Main ingredient: fleece-flower root, prepared fleece flower root, radix rehmanniae recen, mulberry leaf, kuh-seng, and etc.


Usage: Take 4 pills with water, 3 times daily. 4 weeks is a treatment period.


Package: 0.5 * 36 capsules/box



1. Do not eat cold and greasy food.

2. Do not use if you’re pregnant;

3. Stop using cosmetics during taking the medicine;

4. Put it away from the child;


中文说明: 养血滋阴,祛风止痒,润肠通便。用于血虚风燥所致的皮肤瘙痒,痤疮,便秘。



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