China Brush oil(Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution)

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Product Name: China Brush oil (Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution)

Category: Men Enchancer
Detailed: Pure natural materials viagra

Information of China Brush oil (Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution):
Chinese Suifan's Brush Oil is a well known amazing oil tonic which has been used in Asia for years. It also called
China Brush, China Brush oil for men, Chinese Brush oil or suifans Brush oil. It is made from a unique combination of pure natural herb ingredients.

Dr. Lai Sui Fan (Yuk She), had developed the amazing formula of Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution in the late Ching Dynasty. During the time of his youth in GhongZhou, China, Dr. Lai devoted himself entirely into the study of plants and herbs; and after spending several decades of hard working and research, he had successfully developed the Kwang Tze Solution that is a unique formula combined with the used of several natural herbaceous plants. Because of his unique development, he, therefore, had registered this amazing product in China. In 1923, he had established his company, "Suifan's Medicine Company" in Hong Kong, and begun his business in manufacturing of the chinese herbal medicines.


Function: Specifically formulated to give men maximum control, prolong erection and maximize staying power. This simply applicator will be no doubt increase the length of time you upsurge in love making. Safe, effective oil tonic to gain a harder longer-lasting erection to give maximum pleasure. Just a thin layer wick give you most satisfaction and a longer lasting enjoyment for you and your partner.


Ingredients: Aloes Barbadensis, Clove, Korea Ginseng, Cinnamon,  Alpiniae Officinarum, Distilled Water.


Usage: External application only 
            Apply a thin layer of this solution one-two hours before sex .


Package: 3ml (0.1 fl oz)



Attention: Safe and secured in the manufacturer's sealed box.


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