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Buy China Herb's new launches.

Surprising the customers every time with their wide range of innovative and quality products, Buy China Herb is again ready with the launch of total 643 new items. The details of these all these products can be found on their website under the section of New Products. However, list of some of hottest products is as under-

  • Tong Ren Tang Whitening & Hydrating Lotion
  • Tong Ren Tang Whitening & Nourishing Essence Lotion
  • Tong Ren Tang Pearl Whitening & Hydrating Cream
  • Tong Ren Tang Spot Eliminating Face Nourishing Cream III- Stubborn age pigment
  • Tong Ren Tang Spot Eliminating Face Nourishing Cream I-Chloasma, Cyasma
  • Tong Ren Tang Basic Spot Eliminating Cream
  • Tong Ren Tang Herbal Anti-wrinkle Day Cream
  • Ming Mu Di Huang Wan-Visex Extract
  • Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan-Energexin Extract
  • Liu Jun Zhi Wan- Six Noble Combination-6 Boxes
  • Tiger Balm-White Regular Strength
  • Tiger Balm-Red Extra Strength
  • Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan
  • Zuo Gui Wan- Yinourish Remedy
  • Gui Pi Pills-Spleen Care Pills-5 Boxes
  • Gui Pi Pills-Spleen Care Pills-10 Boxes
  • Relax Bowel Pills-5 Boxes
  • Cinobufotalin Tablet-10 Boxes
  • Pifubing Xuedu Wan-120 Tablets
  • S Type Gua Sha Tools for Face-Natural-Buffalo-Horn
  • Gua Sha Tools for Shoulders-Natural Buffalo Horn

About the company:

Having a long experience in serving customers heath care and wellness products, TCM is a Chinese herbal medicine products company that deals in many Chinese medicines, weight loss products and anti tumor and anti cancer drugs. Known for their products like Angong Niuhuang wan, China Brush oil, Chinese medicine for infertility and herbal Viagra they have thousands of satisfied customers. Operating mainly through their online portal they are popular for their herbal slimming tea and St.Nirvana Herbal Slimming Capsules which automatically makes them sellers of best slimming tea. Their anti cancer drug Xiao ke pill has taken a step ahead in gaining them popularity. The Company is well acknowledged for the quality and wide range of its detoxifying and beautifying products. Apart from men's and women's range they have a special category dedicated for Child care products., a reputed online supplier of Chinese herbal medicines and products organized a green themed press release to emphasize on the importance of nature and its endowments.

Providing quality Chinese herbal healthcare products, has dedicated considerable time and finances to bringing the secrets of Chinese herbalogy to people's doorsteps presently.

China, March 12, 2014

In their bid to bring the best and the most authentic Chinese natural healthcare products, brings to their clients, products from the manufacturers who have created their brand over a period of almost 100 years across China and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Having housed some of the most experienced business professionals, this company has achieved its niche as a leading supplier of herbal healthcare items and solutions or medicines over the internet.

Their huge varieties of herbal skin care and beauty products are the best products used by countless clients to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Further, their products help greatly in solving a number of skin related ailments like rashes, acne and inflammation problems.

Speaking of their miraculous Chinese herbal medicine products like herbal slimming tea, China Brush Oil or angong niuhuang wan, the company authorities specified that all their products are guaranteed to be authentic and safe.

The company authorities further mentioned that their specialization in go herbal products extend to medicines for a wide variety of requirements starting from slimming, to healthcare and haircare and skincare or beauty care.

They further mentioned that, even if one is looking for weight loss solutions or a huge number of other problems like cancer, alzheimer and problems of low metabolism, definitely has a solution for them. is the storehouse of unique medicines used for a wide variety of purposes like improving conditions like premature ejaculation or Chinese medicine for infertility. You just name itand they have it.

The company authorities further specified that being an authentic supplier of Chinese urinal medicines and products, this company hires some pgd the most capable marketing and sourcing executives yet that specialise in locating the potential customers and the most trusted brands of manufactures from whom the medicines and healthcare products are purchased by the company.

Their products are specifically divided into various categories to help people sort the products of their choice amd liking according to the categories they have been classified into.

Starting from herbal detox teas to herbal slimming, skin care and healthcare medicines like the xiao ke pill for diabetic patients,