Glossary of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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You will find some terms on instruction of Chinese Herbal medicine that may confuse you a lot. Please read the explanation as below to help you understand better!



Chinese Term




Qi is regarded as the fundamental substance of the human body, and its movements explain various life processes. It is the inner power which pushes the blood circulates through the body.



Generally refers to descending, darkness, degeneration, hypo-activity, including organic disease, woman, etc.



Generally refers to moving, ascending, bright, progressing, and hyperactive, including functional disease of the body, man.

Herbal Medicine


Including herbal materials and formulation.



Temperature characteristics of the herb, or refers to get cold or blood circulates uncouthly of body.



Temperature characteristics of the herb, or refers to have a fever or some part has inflammation.

wind and wind-damp


Generally refers to arthritis or gout. It is regarded as wind or cold invades the human body to stay in the muscles and joints as foreign bodies in the same peripheral nerve stimulation, blood vessels, muscle and other tissue, causing sluggish blood run an extent which rendered the muscles, joint pain.



Inflammation or unknown causes inflammation and infection.


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