Wuji Baifeng Pills can cure gout, are you kidding me?

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Did you know that the attack of gout is just a result? Just an appearance of the disease, we should pay more attention to the indicators of uric acid. Why men are more likely to have gout, women only about 5%? Eating habit? More beer and seafood or meat ate by man? That sounds reasonable. For example, eat chicken with beer often more lead to gout. But why it is ok of the same food for some people or when we were young?


The kidneys play a very important role in the metabolism of uric acid; conversely, high uric acid will affect the function of kidney. That is why there are more and more kidney diseases caused by gout.


If you must take medicine to relieve the pain or uric acid level has been very high that shows there is a potential harm to kidney. There are indeed some specific drugs for gout, like Triperygium tablets and COLCHICNE Tablet. Although they work fast, the side-effect, long-term taking will cause diarrhea and vomiting.


I found that the Wuji Baifeng Pill can relieve effectively goat and decade the uric acid by an a chance form a patient. She told me that she took the Wuji baifeng wan to cure her period and found her gout and uric acid decreased as well as she but didn’t take specific medicine for this. After that, I suggest some patients who suffered of gout medicine specifically and found it works also for them. Whatever for man or women.


It sounds crazy? But it indeed works. I think that’s credit to its function playing on kidney and liver. It can relieve Qi Stanhancy in liver to improve the function of liver and increase the function of kidney. Now the clinical application of Wujibaifeng pills is very wide, such as the male prostate disease, and also has a good effect on kidney deficiency. The best use of Wujibaifeng pills is helping reduce blood uric acid and in gout before attack. The effect of Longdanxiegan pills is better if acute gout attack as it can quickly relieve pain. We will focus on the role of the drug in the future.

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