Which Chinese medicine can cure allergic rhinitis?

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Today, let's talk about the allergic rhinitis. A lot of people have allergic rhinitis as winter approaches.

People with allergies usually have symptoms for many years. You may have symptoms often during the year,

or just at certain times.But, what kind of person have allergic rhinitis? And how to cure allergies radically?

I often have local injection glucocorticoid such as budesonide nasal spray to my nose,once I stop using it my

allergies back again. That is why? Traditional Chinese medicine believes Allergic rhinitis is often associated 

with kidney yang deficiency.There are a lot of clinical cases shows through the treatment of kidney deficiency to

cure allergies.I am not talking nonsense as that has the scientific basis for this. Allergic rhinitis is related to

Glucocorticoid secretion deficiency caused by the dysfunction of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.By supplying 

glucocorticoid locally works but the fundamental problem cannot be soloved out.Symptoms back if stopped medicine.

And through the traditional Chinese medicine to correct the function of adrenal axis, the body to restore the full 

amount of glucocorticoid hormone secretion, there will be no allergic rhinitis.Well, what medicine can treat kidney yang 

deficiency? Guifu Dihuang wan,You Gui Wan and Jin Kui Shen Qi Pill all can be used to cure kidney yang deficiency.But,

you  will have the other symptoms of kidney yang deficiency, it will work for you, such as cold limbs in winter and fear of cold, 

loss of libido or sexual impotence, looks pale, lazy to say words, listlessness and low blood pressure.All these are caused by

kidney yang deficiency, as well as allergic rhinitis. You can try this method!

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