Tell you a method to cure stomach problem

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Stomach disorder is one of five diseases in our society that is why more and more people has gastritis. We should take good care to our stomachs so as to reduce eat cold,acrid, fatty food, not drink too much and not miss meals. You can try to use moxibusion to cauterize the Zusanli point if you have been having gastritis or stomach disorder. It very works! The scientists ever did a elecctroacupuncture against th Zusanli point of rabbits and rats and recorded the wave of electrogastrograhpy changed lot.In Chinese traditional treatment, to cauterize this point is conventionsl away.Please see the picture and find Zusanli point first. It is easy, put your hand on the knee sides,you will touch two bones and count 3 finger that is Zusanli point. Press this point will feel ache. That' right you got it!Then you can use the carry-on moxibusion box or normal moxibusion box on these two side points. 20 mintues for each. 2-3 times a week you will feel your stomach disorders much better. Please note, let your points feel warm, hot better when you have the moxibusion,to iron bisters is better.It works believe it or not...

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