Is Angong Niuhuang Wan magic potion?

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In recent years, the skyroketing prices of Angong Niuhuang Wan in China market is from the hype or soaring of raw materials?

Angong niuhuang wan is a very precious medicine. Its formula has nearly 100 years of clinical examination work very good to 

treat stroke, hypertension and cancer.For convulsant and hepatic coma patients, it works better than any other drugs. From 1993,

the major ingredients,the Rhinoceros horn, which has a strong function of detoxification is clearly prohibited by government out 

of the protection of wild animals,that lead to the value of Angong Niuhuwang wan produced before 1993 is exaggerated.In fact,

the natural Rhinoceros horn now is replaced by concentracted powderof Cornu Bubali, combined with calculus Bovis,which can clear

heat of liver and heart to cure diseases of heart and liver.Besides these two kinds of herbs, there are Musk,Maragrite, 

Cinnabaris and total 11 kinds of traditional Chinese Medicine are used to cure febrile diseases, pathogenic factors affecting 

pericardium, convulsion due to high fever, unconsciousness and delirium, coma due to apoplexy, cerebritis, meningitis, toxic 

encephalopathy, cerebral hemorrhage, septicemia. Purchasing according to your situation becuase magic potion not fit for everyone.

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