Relationships among the Viscera-Lung and Spleen

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The relationship between lung and spleen is mainly reflected in the two respects of generation of qi and water metabolism.

The fresh air inhaled by the lung and the foodstuff essential qi are the main material basis for the generation of qi, the combination of the two generates pectoral qi is the cardinal component part of whole body's qi, So the function of the lung in governing respairing and the function of the spleen in governing transformation and transportation are of important role to generation of qi. Pathologically, the lung qi  deficiency and the spleen qi deficiency ususlly affect each other, thus to develop into a syndrome of dual deficiency of the lung and spleen.

The lung regulates water passage, freeing and regulating the distribution, flow and excretion of water. The spleen transforms and transforts water to guarantee generation, and distribution of water. The distribution of water by the spleen is the prerequisite for the lung to regulate water passage. The coordination and cooperation of the spleen ang lung maintain normal metabolism of water, water-dampness may be produced internally, which can often affect the lung to result in failure of the lung in diffusion and descent, and thus there appear symptoms of phlegm, fluid retention, cough and panting.

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