Relationships among the Viscera-Spleen and Kidney

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The relationship between by spleen and kidney is essentially reflected by mutual promotion of innateness and acquirement, and mutual  cooperation in water metabolism.


The kidney is the root of innateness, and the spleen is the root of acquirement. Sound transformation and transportation through spleen qi to produce foodstuff essence depends upon the help and promotion by kidney qi. And the abundance of essence-qi in the kidney is also dependent upon the culture and nourishment of foodstuff essence. Pathologically, the spleen insufficiency and kidney asthenia often affect each other, leading to both weakness of the spleen and kidney. If qi of the spleen and kidney gets deficient, there may appear symptoms of abdominal distention, sloppy stool, sourness and coldness of the waist and knees, diarrhea at dawn, or diarrhea with undigested foodstuff.


The spleen governs transformation and transportation to distribute water so as to prevent effusion of water-dampness. The kidney governs water to manage and regulate distribution and excretion of water. The spleen and kidney cooperate with each other to maintain equilibrium of water metabolism. If there appears insufficiency of both spleen and kidney, and water-dampness stagnates internally, there may appear symptoms of oliguria, edema, abdominal distention, sloppy stool, sourness and weakness of the waist and knees


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