Relationships among the Viscera-Heart and Lung

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Human body is an organic whole. There are among the viscera close relationship of mutual promotion, restriction, dependence and coordination.


Heart and Lung


The relationship between heart and lung is mainly marked in two respects of blood circulation and respiratory movement.


Blood circulation is dependent upon the propelling heart qi, and also upon the assistance of lung qi. The lung connects with vessels to assist the heart in circulating blood, thus keeping normal blood circulation. If the lung qi gets insufficient or the lung is invaded by cold, and thus the lung fails in assisting the heart to circulate blood, it will lead to stasis of heart blood with obstructed circulation of blood.


The lung controls respiration, inhaling the clear and exhaling the turbid, so as to maintain the normal respiratory movement, while the heart governs circulation of blood, only when blood circulates normally, and the lung gets its nourishment of blood, can the lung’s function of controlling respiration keep normal. If the heart qi gets weak and fails to circulate blood, blood circulation will be unsmooth, then it may affect the lung in controlling respiration, resulting in chest distress, cough, painting, etc..


Pectoral qi is produced through combination he of the fresh air inhaled by the lung and foodstuff essence-qi transformed and transported by the spleed and stomach. The pectoral qi can both go along the gas tract to promote respiration, and permeate through the heart vessels to circulate qi-blood; thus it strengthens the mutual relation between the blood circulation and respiratory movement.

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