Secret Recipe of Chinese Medcine to Lose weight

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A growing number of people want to lose weight and try to various slimming medicines and slimming methods, which did not all work and cause adverse reactions somehow. Now let’s introduce several traditional Chinese medicine secret for slimming without side-effects to you;




1, make medlar 30 grams daily drink like tea each morning and evening for 7 weeks without interruption, then lose weight of 2.6 kg after a month;



2, taking 4-10 pieces of rhubarb tablets half an hour before the meal, 1-3 times a daily; to keep stool about 3 times a day;



3, dried lotus leaf 100 g, hawthorn 250 g, Fritillaria thunbergii 100 g, Chinese honey locust 100 g, raw rhubarb 50 g, dried tangerine peel 50 g, grind the above material as a treatment dose. Take 50 g each day soak them with hot water and drink it, 2 times daily. A month as a period;



4,Boil these maters, hawthorn 15g, Danshen 20 g, rhubarb 10 g, Panax pseudo-ginseng var. notoginseng powder 15 g for30 minutes, then drink, 2 times a day;



5,grind cassia seed 30 g,hawthorn, 10 g, hempseed 10g into powder, take with warm water. Take 20g each time, 3 times daily, 30 days as aperiod;


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