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Six Flavor Rehmanni can be taken long-term? Does it apply to eve

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Six Flavor Rehmanni also named Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Liuwei Dihuang teapills. It is a combinatorial formula originally made up by eight flavors of herb medicine, Qian Yi, a famous doctor in Song Dynasty let it get a new adjustment to reduce two flavors of herbs medicine and get the better effect, so as to form the formula of Six Flavor Rehmanni today.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan has about 1000 years history in curing kidney diseases or kidney caring. It is not only has the curing effect but also a tonic to the kidney. It has been said in Chinese folk, you should take Liu Wei Di Huang Wan every year when a people after 40 old. Why? This formula wok good on curing inefficient kidney symptoms, such as lassitude knees and loin, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, night sweating, seminal emission, and infantile unclosed fontanels and increase the function of the kidney to increase immunity and lower blood-glucose and high blood pressure. As a combinatorial formula, it can be add other herbs to form the new medicine, such as Eight Flavor Rehmannia, also named  Jin Kui Shen Qi Bolus which use to nourish kidney Yang Qi and assists to diuresis caused by a deficiency of kidney Yang; Zhibai Dihuang Wan, which is applied for nourishing Yin and clearing heat; and Chrysanthemum & Medlar Dihuang Wan, which apply to curing blurred vision caused by computer’s fatigues. Many of people may have such problems when they’re 40 years old.

But does it apply to every? The answer is no. The people with kidney Yang deficiency symptoms, such as face white, physical weakness, like summer dislike winter, should not take Liuwei Dihuang teapills. And the people with stomach or spleen diseases should not take Liuwei Dihuang teapills too.

And Six Flavor Rehmanni can be taken in long-term? No, because it will harm to you stomach if you take long-term. You should better take it regularly every year if you take it as a tonic to the kidney.

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How Chinese Medicine Treat Irregular Period?

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Do you have a regular “good-friend” visiting?

Women spend over 1/3 of their lifetimes with menstrual cycles. So regular and healthy periods are what every woman
seeks. According to Chinese medicine doctors’views, the main causing reason of irregular period could be listed for these as

Kidney Qi deficiency and blood deficiency;

Imbalance or blockage of the internalorgans and internal energy pathways (meridians).

Unsuitable diet, eating too much cold food;

Depressed emotions causing live Qi run

Ovarian disease or secretory regulation of
hormone in disorder.

Each of the major internal organs is affected by a specific emotion, and each organ also controls one or more of the
energy meridians. For example, the Liver is strongly affected by anger, and the Liver meridian encircles the reproductive organs. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions and blood in our bodies. When there is excessive anger, especially unexpressed anger, the proper functioning of the Liver is damaged, and many problems, including menstrual disorders, eating disorders, and depression can result.

Unhealthy diet choices also strongly affect the reproductive system. Too much cold, raw foods and icy drinks can decrease energy flow, drain energy from the system, and over time will cause the painful blockage of energy flow and the accumulation of cold in the body. Eating a lot of hot and spicy foods, such as red meat, chocolate, coffee, fried foods, hot spices can overheat the blood and cause the accumulation of heat in the body. Most of the Chinese medicine for irregular menstruation treatment through the role of regulating blood running, smooth flow of emotions. The herbal medicine contains the ingredient of enriching blood and nourishing the kidneys and liver. First diagnosed them as to which type of irregular menstruation and then prescribe the right remedy.

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