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By drinking water, you know hot and cold, and your stomach do!

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I wanna say one thing may be you disagree to, drinking ice water is harmful to health. so is grilled foods.

Ice water can cause gastrointestinal temperature to drop, and it will be difficult to recover when the temperature drops to a certain extent. And temperature deficiency will cause pain. The most typical example is that too much ice water will have diarrhea. Of course, that may off-set these effect to a large extent if you enjoy hot spring all the year like Japanese, or live in the hot weather all day like Indian. But, the most mindfucking thing is that the doctor doesn't think this pain is a disease, even though they give a name, they claim they can not be cured, e.g Aseptic prostatitis or Irritable bowel syndrome. Doctors believe that pain period is not a disease and take painkillers is the best way.

You can take Fuzi lizhong Wan if you have diarrhea as soon as drinking cold water. It will work in dispelling cold from your body. We have introduced this in previous post. With moxibustion at the corresponding acupoints also can cure the pain. You know hot or cold, and your stomach do!


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