About Us

We devote passionately to Chinese herbal series goods and we provide you selected Chinese herbal health products with good quality and reputation. Most of herbal products in our shop comes from the well-know brands which with nearly 100 years in china and Southeast Asia countries. We're committed to provide customers good products only.


As well as we're engaged in some professions buy on sb.'s behalf.We have the professional workers who have over 5 years experience in products purchasing and the business. We're committed to provide you with wide range of products at the best value, combined with excellent customer service. Please E-mail us what do want if you don't find it in our shop, and please email to provide us some notes if you want prescription medicines.


Herbal Beauty :

The herbal cosmetics help skin keep healthy & to heal many problem of skin, such as acne, freckle, itch through herbal effective ingredient by detoxifying and cleaning heat & dampaness of deep level, So as to resolve the skin's problem at root.


As well as many herbal care product for hair problem. Especially, the Zhangguang 101 series product have made remarkable effect on healing alopecia, long-term blad, alopecia areata and othe hair problem.


Weight loss

TCM slimming method that help losing wight safely. The chinese herbal slimming goods contain the ingredient have ability to increase your metabolism and therefore making it easier to burn extra fat.


Care for men

According to the theory of TCM, the herbal product regulate and nourish main organ of male to improve their function gradully. Generally, it adhere to the idea of strengthening the body's immunity and general masculinity, balancing Ying and Yang, taking the other organ cooperation harmony. They can also assist with chronic prostate disease.


 Care for women

TCM products have the effects of supporting femal's health by improving the energy and blood of the body and regulating incretion to heal some women's dieases, such as irregular period, menalgia, and menopause symptom. Women should have a good look if their gynaecologic diease were be resolved.



Having long-history on health keeping, TCM emphasize that build guard against disease by means of nourishing our own inner Qi and improving blood of body to increase phylactic power, get rid of tired and cure chronic disease.